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The Significance of Proper Training

28 February 2012

The right mode of training for golf and swing training for golf will provide a lot of development to the game. However, you can conclude from the observations that each and every game needs some good amount of training that you need to undergo, if you really wish to excel in this field. When it [...]

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How to Get Rid of the Golf Wounds with the Help of Exercise

20 February 2012

Golf cannot be called as complete contact sport but still it can strain your body and can lay severe pressure on the body. It is a play which will take your health and energy and moreover it is play which you happily play outside and is also a sport to seek in the hot period [...]

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The Awesome Foursome – The World’s Best Trick Golf Balls

12 February 2012

The Awesome Foursome Joke Golf Balls are pure FUN trick golf balls and an essential item for any round of 18! This hilarious joke variety pack has 4 different trick golf balls and will have your friends in stitches! If you’re down by a few strokes and looking for an outrageous way to get back [...]

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The Putters and Game of Golf

04 February 2012

Choice of your equipment can help you to win your game as well as lose your game. Likewise, choice of the putter is also significant in the game of golf. Putter can acquire you winning stroke as well as can be reasoned of your failure. Putter comes in different shapes and styles according to your [...]

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Golf Clubs and Their Significance

27 January 2012

Golf club is important equipment used in game of golf. The right golf club with correct handling will give you desired stroke. Your stroke depends upon the grip of the club, length of golf club and head. Importance of knowing your club: You should understand the role of club in game as every stroke will [...]

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Samsonite Golf Trunk Organizer

19 January 2012

Samsonite Golfers Trunk Organizer/Locker lets you organize the trunk of your car for golf or any other sport. Separate pockets and storage are designed to hold shoes, grips, jackets, gloves, etc. Made of water resistant rip stop polyester with special waterproof backing. In addition it folds down for easy storage.

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Putting Practice for Ideal Game of Golf

11 January 2012

You must have heard that ‘practice makes man perfect’. ‘Putting practice’ is an important aspect of the game. With putting practice you acquire perfect putt for your game of golf, and it can save you disappointment at the end of your game. You can enhance your skill of putting with practice drills and techniques. Some [...]

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Major Tools and Equipments for Golf

03 January 2012

Golf is a game loved by the large number of people all over the world. People fond of golf are always looking for high tech innovative tools and equipment of golf to enhance their experience of golf. With the passage of time, wide range of latest equipment is kept adding to the game of golf. [...]

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ProActive Par Three Putting Green (3×9 Feet)

26 December 2011

A great practice aid for your putting stroke. 9′ x 3′ Kidney shaped green gives you 3 cups to aim at. High quality putting surface designed to stay smooth.

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Golf Swing for the Perfect Game

18 December 2011

To enjoy your game of golf at its best, it is important to learn perfect golf swing. If you observe professional people playing golf you will see that their perfect golf swing enables them to win the game with ease and comfort. However, it is not as easy as it seems to be. Perfect golf [...]

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Essentials of the Golf Swing

10 December 2011

Golf swing is an important part of the game of golf. Right golf swing will surely lead to winning game. Initially, when people started playing game, they used to play it with the leather stick and simple ball. At that time, the golf courses were not that maintained and well facilitated. So, those people were [...]

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Mysack Golf Ball Storage Sack

02 December 2011

Yep, it’s a truism – it takes balls to play golf. Now you can store a pair and start a dangling conversation with the Mysack golf ball storage sack. No matter whether you drive the green or three-putt, you’re sure to have a few laughs along the way. Comes with two balls, just as you [...]

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